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Posted on October 11, 2006 at 4:45 AM

11 October 2006

A GIRL with a brain disorder has finally received a specialist wheelchair, bought with funds raised by generous Evening Telegraph readers.


Nikita Ray, of Grafton Road, Rushden, touched the hearts of many when the Evening Telegraph launched an appeal in January, 2004, to raise money for the wheelchair.


The four-year-old was born with cerebral palsy and microcephaly, which means her brain develops at a much slower rate than normal.


Despite readers quickly reaching the target for a wheelchair, Nikita was unable to use a chair at the time.


But her parents, Trudie and Malcolm Ray, have just taken delivery of the chair, worth more than 2,500, to help Nikita, improve her posture and mobility.


Mrs Ray said: "We couldn't have done this without all the fundraising. It has been a long time coming but we are very pleased with the chair. It will give her good posture and mobility and hopefully more independence.


"She is going to spend a lot of time in a wheelchair so we had to make sure she had the right one. This one was made-to-measure by specialists."


The chair was bought with money from the Nikita Jade Disability Fund, supported by Evening Telegraph readers, with other money coming from a wheelchair service.


As well as getting her chair, Nikita has developed beyond many people's expectations. She can now sit up on her own for four to five minutes, which enables her to play far more than before. She is much more mobile and can roll around on the floor to get to where she wants to be.


Nikita attends Rowan Gate Primary School in Wellingborough and recently took part in activities including coast walking and horseriding with her parents.


Mr Ray said: "The doctors said they never expected her to be able to do this.


"Communication is still a big issue and if we could crack that, we really will have achieved something."

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