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Posted on June 27, 2004 at 4:40 AM

27 July 2004

THE generosity of ET readers has helped a little girl suffering from a brain disorder take the first steps towards independence.


Two-year-old Nikita Ray of Grafton Road, Rushden, touched the hearts of many when the ET launched a campaign in January with her parents to raise 5,000 for the youngster born with cerebral palsy and microcephaly.


This means her brain develops at a much slower rate than usual. She is also unable to sit up or put any pressure on her legs.


Following support from ET readers, parents Trudie and Malcolm have been able to buy two communication aids.


Nikita now has a Big Mack switch to attach to battery-operated toys. The enlarged button lets her turn toys on and not struggle with smaller buttons.


She can attach the switch to Tigger, who will talk when Nikita hits the button instead of having to squeeze a paw for a reaction.


Mrs Ray said: "The switch means she can play independently, which she could not do before.


"This should help her communication.


"We don't know what sort of communication skills she's going to have.


Another new aid is a picture board for Nikita to match words with pictures, including pictures of her family and their voices. The voices sound when she touches the pictures.


Mr Ray said: "It is so she can associate pictures with people and pictures with noises. We know she recognises us and familiar sounds."


Nikita's parents are now looking at more equipment to help Nikita develop her motor skills and enable her to use a specialist wheelchair in the future.


Next month Nikita is starting at Busy Bees nursery in Park Road, Rushden, for two afternoons a week where she will be able to interact with other children.

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