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Posted on January 7, 2004 at 3:15 AM

07 January 2004

THE parents of little Nikita Ray have spoken of a typical day with their daughter and what difference ET readers could make to all of their lives.


Nikita, who is 23 months old, was born with cerebral palsy and microcephaly, which means her head is too small and her brain develops at a much slower rate than normal.


Mum Trudie, 39, and dad Malcolm, 50, of Grafton Road, Rushden, spend hours everyday doing exercises with her to help build up her muscles and senses and hope one day she will be able to operate a wheelchair herself.


Mrs Ray said: "We do five lots of 30- minute physiotherapy sessions a day with Nikita at the moment.


"We also take her to Rowan Gate School every Thursday where she does swimming one week and light sensory therapy on alternate weeks.


"She responds very well to the swimming and also to the light therapy, and for us, meeting other parents who have children with similar problems is a life-saver."


Nikita has a brother, Lee, 17, and sister Kelly, 11.


Mrs Ray said: "Lee and Kelly love Nikita and spend a lot of time playing with her which also does her a lot of good."


Mrs Ray said Nikita also enjoys being taken out shopping, but as she gets older this is getting more difficult.


Mr Ray said: "At the moment Nikita sits in the baby seat in the supermarket trolley but she is getting too big for this and it will soon be impossible.


"She is getting heavier and it is getting more difficult to get her in and out of the car and take her out and about, so until we get some specialist equipment it will restrict what we can do with her. A wheelchair would make a big difference to us and would also give Nikita more independence."


Mr Ray said how well Nikita could use a wheelchair would depend on how her motor skills develop but he hoped she could be using one by the age of three or four.


l Raffle tickets in aid of Nikita's appeal are on sale and a prize draw is being held at a Valentine's Ball on Saturday, February 14, at the Windmill Club, Glassbrook Road, Rushden.


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