Three Musketeers Three Musketeers Why are you dressed like a pirate? 76126655 All for one................. 76126656 76126659 arr shiver me timbers it's Cardinal Richelieu 76126660 There you are, Milady 76126661 together we're invincible 76126662 76126664 what's your name pretty lady? 76126665 I've had an accident Your Eminence. AHhhhhhhh 76126667 I'm concerned, ....concerned that you'll bleed on my new carpet! 76126668 I challenge you to a duel 76126672 you hava stabbed me witha the invisible sword, signore 76126674 I don't want to come out ... they'll all laugh at me. 76126676 See, I told you they would laugh at me. 76126677 All for one.....and one for all 76126679 The honorary 4th Musketeer 76126681 That's All Folks 76126682 Thank you to our stage manager 76126684 Thank you to our musical director 76126685