The Snowdon Challenge The Snowdon Challenge Oh so pretty 11185790 Barry, Rita, Trudie and Maloclm On yours marks get set.... GO! 11185752 What is Malcolm up to? 11185755 "why am im always last?" 11185756 The View 11185757 The View 11185758 So who's that? 11185759 Getting further away 11185760 Trudie - getting in the way of the camera! 11185781 They look like tourists 11185782 The View 11185783 The View 11185784 Lunch time! 11185785 Far to go..? 11185786 It gets better as the day goes on. 11185787 Thats nice, a family photo 11185788 The sky is falling 11185789 Very nice 11185779 The View 11185791 Oh i think we're near the top! 11185792